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Detail from I.C. Sorosis banner hanging in the Kansas Alpha chapter house


Dear Sisters,


As Kansas Alpha Pi Beta Phi marks its 150th year in 2023, we reflect on the important role our chapter has played at the University of Kansas since its founding in 1873. With thousands of women initiated into our sisterhood, the Kansas Alpha Chapter continues to positively influence the lives of its members through academic growth, leadership development and generations of lifelong friendship.

Our lives are connected because of our involvement with Pi Beta Phi.

The Kansas Association of Pi Beta Phi (House Corporation Board) and the 150th Anniversary Steering Committee have identified three projects commemorating our chapter’s 150th Anniversary, and we are thrilled to announce that nearly 100 Kansas Alphas have already contributed $300,000 of the $400,000 goal to complete these projects. 

Will you consider joining them in celebrating Kansas Alpha's sesquicentennial with a contribution?

There is a need for contributions that are not tax-deductible in order to complete these projects, as they are not deemed "exclusively educational." If you prefer for your gift to be tax-deductible, we do have giving options via our Pi Phi Educational Foundation. Please contact either of us to discuss.


You are the only one who can place a value on your Pi Beta Phi membership—the lifelong friendships you made, the development of your abilities, values, and principles, and the many ways Kansas Alpha enhanced your college years. We urge all sisters to consider a gift. Your contribution will show your commitment to the future of Kansas Alpha as a leader nationwide among all Pi Phi chapters and on campus at the University of Kansas.

Kansas Alpha, the first sorority at KU, has been a leader on campus since the 1870s, and our chapter is now the oldest continuously active chapter of Pi Beta Phi! Generations of Kansas Alpha alumnae have gone on to distinguished careers in business, education, medicine, engineering, law, government, and so many other endeavors.


Pi Phi taught us important lessons in organizational leadership, social skills, teamwork, and character building. It nurtured life-long friendships… women who became our sisters.


We are very proud to support Kansas Alpha Pi Beta Phi, and we hope you will join us in celebrating this important milestone in our chapter’s history. If you'd like to discuss a donation in honor of the 150th Anniversary, please contact us via email by clicking on our names below, or feel free to reach us via phone.

Ring Ching and Rock Chalk,

Holly Milledge

Holly Barnes Milledge ('85)

Fundraising Co-Chair


Debbie Ward

Debbie Barnes Ward ('83)

Fundraising Co-Chair


Two Ways to Give



Donate with PayPal, debit card or credit card by clicking here.


Write a check payable to "KS Association of Pi Beta Phi" and mail to:

Kansas Association of Pi Beta Phi

3965 W. 83rd St., #105
Prairie Village, KS 66208

Donor Listing

Thank you for considering a gift to House Corporation for the 150th anniversary. Contributions made to Kansas Association of Pi Beta Phi are not tax deductible.

150th Anniversary Donors

Diamond Arrow ($50,000 +)

Carrie Wooten McLiney ('97)

Pam Russell Alexander ('67)

The late Judy Howard Billings (’55), the late Patricia Dawson Billings (’58) and

the Pledge Class of 1955


Jeri Sanders Bilotta

Carol Ravndal Burnette

Susan Baker Campbell

Joanne Jones Davis

The late Joan Hamilton Egan

The late Nancy Reich Esry

Shirley Herd Ewing

Jo Scholes Hill

Ruth Roney Hughes

The late Ann Straub Jett

Suzanne Sawyer Koontz

The late Anne E. Lamont

The late Nancy Deniston Lounsbury

The late Eleanor Hawkinson Lowe

Jane Billingsley Maier

Dodie Ramsey Matthews

Carol Stockham Murray

The late Virginia Jennings Nadeau

Ann Rumsey Olson

The late Kay Braden Perry

Sharon Theis Rooney

Suzanne McCarthy Sawyers

Diane Worthington Simpson

Peggy McMullen Travers

The late Pat A Griffiths Turnbull

Joan Hereford Underwood

The late Lois McClure Weigand

Helen Foster Wooster

Platinum Arrow ($25,000 - $49,999)

Kay Rathbone Johnson ('58) and Family
Jackie Johnson ('82), Jordan Ferguson Lisher ('04), Hilary Ferguson Postlethwaite ('08), Molly Rathbone Maxwell ('87), Susanna Rathbone Jones ('97)

In Memory of Sharon Lynch Kimbell (‘57)

Mike Kimbell and Kay Kimbell Almanza

Sarah Rossi Evans ('83)


Sally Roney Hoglund (‘54)


The Horejsi Family, Amanda Ciciora Freeman ('14) and Courtney Ciciora ('18)


Barbara Buesking Milledge (’61) and Holly Barnes Milledge (‘85)

Linda Ward O'Hara ('85) and Katie O'Hara ('22)

Debbie Barnes Ward ('83), Catherine Ward Carothers ('08) and Elizabeth Dovey Ward ('11)

Alison Wiedeman Ward ('77)

In Memory of Adelaide Cobb Ward ('17) by the Ward Family

Missy Hodge McCarthy ('82) and Annie McCarthy ('20)

Lisa Rinehart Hoffman ('88) in honor of the 150th Anniversary Steering Committee

Golden Arrow ($10,000 - $24,999)


Silver Arrow ($5,000 - $9,999)

Anne Taylor Blatherwick ('58) and Kate Blatherwick Pickert ('89)

in memory of Katherine Nicholson Blackmar (1893) and Dorothy Blackmar Taylor (1921)

Margaret Golden Bowker ('87) and Gennifer Golden House ('89)

Katy Stutz Franklin ('82), Sarah Franklin Hamilton ('10), Mary Kate Franklin Berryman ('14) and Claire Franklin ('20)


Kelly Ridgway Magee ('85)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Rinehart in honor of Lisa Rinehart Hoffman ('88)

Jenny Horne Spencer ('87)



Bronze Arrow ($2,500 - $4,999)


Betsy Hollingberry Edwards ('50)


Carnations ($1,000 - $2,499)

In Memory of Imogene Billings Ballard ('45) by John Ballard

Jean Low Bloomfield ('61) and Family

Anne Bloomfield Fischer ('85), Susan Bloomfield Steward ('87), Hannah Steward ('14)

Katherine Johnson Clancey ('71) and Kate Clancey Van Dyke ('00)

Cynthia Dickson Geiger ('64) and Paige Christine Geiger ('92)

Betsy Shankland Gill ('57)

Joanna Miranda Glaze ('75),

 in memory of Terri Stanesic Brown ('75) and Maude Thickens Gridley ('75) 

Jean Challinor Hall ('59)

Nancy Holmes ('58)

Sara Cooper Hutsell ('73)

Betty Burke Kane ('56)

Ann Underwood Kindred ('57) and Susan Kindred Early ('89)

Shelle Hook McCoy ('69)

Susan Edwards Miller ('70)

Traci Scott Pelter ('87)

Bridget Gaughan Wagstaff ('75) and Carolyn Peterson Zendeh Del ('02)

Gifford Weary ('70)

Mary Boyd Winter ('72)


Angels ($500 - $999)

Kay Cromb Brada ('60)

Shelley Atkison Cartmell ('88)

Sarah Simpson Dean ('57)

Kelley Lorch Elliott ('92)

Anne Heese ('85)

Cathy Cartmell Kerr ('85)

Nancy Mossman McConnell (NE Beta '86), 

in honor of Kansas Alpha AAC

Melissa Rogers Padgett ('80)

Mary Baumgartner Scharold, MD ('61)

Jennifer Schumacher Stradinger ('84)

Annie Thompson ('05)

Stacey Warren ('88)

Lois Rhodus Williams ('61)

Cherubs (up to $499)


Nancy Hanks Alexander ('71),

in memory of Lydia Costello Dreher ('70)

Courtney Brax Armstrong ('05)

Nancy O'Brien Avoy ('58)

Suzy Burgess Bacino ('85)

Carrie Fotopoulous Barnthouse ('76)

Kelly Caffrey Bjorseth ('90)

Shannon Pearson Bibb ('88)

Susan  Walden Blackford ('89) and Joanna Blackford ('15)

Laura Brophy Bowling ('91)

Dinah Swinehart Brock ('69)

Mary Wieland Burns ('71)

Kathryn Gilbert Cardwell ('84)

Kristi Antrim Churchill ('83)

Amanda Clark ('90)

Julie Paradise Clark ('81)

Margaret Strutz Clark ('71)

Tasha Pearson Cook ('90)

Sue Tyler Coyle ('65)

Amy Krumme Crank ('88)

Rebecca Wieland Crotty ('69)

Allison Kroll Deckel ('88)

Kelly Strop DeDominic ('91)

Kara Durrett Dolan ('87)

Kathleen Kane Donoghue ('82)

Jan Ritchie Dorian ('76)

Emily Druten Eckles ('93)

Stevie Edmondson Elder ('10)

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald ('87)

Gail Horner Gage ('70)

Lu Surface Gallaudet ('65)

Jeannene Glenn ('88)

Christina Wohltman Goessling ('88)

Connie Stuart Grimes ('88)

Lauren Moellenberg Guempel ('81)

Jennifer Stoddard Hajdu ('85)

Jean Challinor Hall ('59)

Susy Sheaks Hammons ('64)

Camille Storey Heeb ('63)

Sara Aleen Holland ('95)

Michelle Camp Horton ('89)

Kathy Schmiedeler Howe ('86)

Jan Davidson Helfer ('75)

Elizabeth Daus Imbler ('71)

Carol Lohner Jakowatz ('71)

Rhonda Detert Jeffries ('69)

Cheryl Ann Jeter ('65)

Fran O'Brien Johnson ('60)

Carol Walker Jones ('62)

Debbie Krumme Joy ('85)

Karen Mullen Kennedy ('88)

Anne Hirleman Kettler ('75)

Jane Dodd Kirby ('70)

Keri Ann Kish ('92)

Janet Heck Kittlaus ('62)

Andrea Paris Knapp ('91)

Anne Atha Lane ('05)

Carrie Stelzer Lapin ('91)

Christine Curtin Lees ('08)

Sophie Nelson Lidback ('85)

Sherry Koch Light ('63)

Ann Ritchie Logan ('83)

Carol Hochscheid Logan ('73)

Sue Bauer Lund ('71)

Jeanine Hense Maloney ('75)

Amy Martin-Barickman ('87)

Marchell Mathes ('75)

Mary McLaughlin McCollum ('05)

Maureen Hanks McGrath ('76),

in memory of Maude Thickens Gridley and Linda O'Keefe Lamkin

Barbara Mize McLenon ('67)

Candace Merifield ('84)

Molly Clark Meschke ('58)

Carrie Daus Mogavero ('77)

Lizabeth "Kim" Chapman Morrill ('71)

Holly Aripoli Mosher ('90)

Kristin Kirchoff Mowat ('88)

Spenser Airey Murray ('08)

Kimberly Thompson Nave ('83)

Barbara Miller Nevin ('71)

Tracy Gulick Newman ('88)

Britton Franke Norden ('88)

Emily Johnston Ogden ('87)

Heather Paxton ('17)

Isabel Thompson Paxton ('77)

Traci Scott Pelter ('87)

Karen Brown Phillips ('87)

Laura Winfrey Plue ('83)

Lissa Whitaker Plucinski ('81)

Pat Getto Plumlee ('59)

Caroline Asel Poirier ('71)

Amy Ball Polen ('88)

Elizabeth Hukriede Quinlan ('93)

Pam Palmer Renn ('71)

Julie Haest Resnick ('95)

Robbin Reynolds (74)

Elizabeth Barnes Richardson ('89)

Martha Ritter ('75)

Katelyn Roberts ('08)

Courtney Johnston Rorie ('88)

Lynn Moore Schaefer ('67)

Jeanne Lam Schanze ('85)

Julie Walther Scheibel ('90)

Susie Hamilton Selbst ('87)

Lesley Oburn Sheldon ('87)

Barbara Buckley Sloss ('74)

April Bittner Slovensky ('91)

Nancy Weidensaul Spangler ('75)

Martha Cernich Stanton ('87)

Babs McTigue Stilley ('71)

Beth Stockton ('61)

Jennifer Schumacher Stradinger ('84)

Cindy Rice Svec (KS B '81),

in honor of dear KS Alpha friends and leaders

Tara Thomas-Gale ('91)

Mary Diederich Thompson ('80)

Lisa Evans Tuchtan ('71)

Louise Angst VanLandingham ('74)

Debra Baringer Waldorf ('72)

Barbara Waldron ('71),

in memory of Lydia Costello Dreher

Gifford Weary ('70)

Judith Romig Wencel ('74)

Barby Flaks Wendt ('71)

Debbie Pratt Wempe ('71)

Karen Logsdon Westervelt ('85)

Bridget Hogg Wiedeman ('11)

Lucy Mull Wietharn ('87)

Kristyn Tidwell Wiggins ('87)

Linda De Marais Wildgen ('74)

Jean Garlinghouse Witwer ('58)

Meg Haarlow Wright ('68)

Katie Mader Zoldak ('98)

Brenda Hanks Zimmerman ('72)

Thank you for your generous support of Kansas Alpha Pi Beta Phi!

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